What to Eat with No Fridge or Microwave in the Hotel Room

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If you are staying in a hotel that does not have food accommodations like a refrigerator or microwave, it can be difficult knowing what to eat. Here are some simple ideas to provide yourself with meals and snacks that keep you from spending your traveling budget on eating out for every meal.

Freeze Food Before You Leave

For the first day of staying in the hotel, prepare ahead of time by freezing a meal or two and putting it in an ice chest. With enough ice, this should remain fresh for at least a few hours after arriving at the hotel. While you will need to plan for other options for the remainder of your stay, it does help you get started with something you have prepared a home. Sandwiches are a good option for freezing, since they can be made healthy, are easy to make, and store well when wrapped in tin foil and placed on ice. Combine the sandwich with some fresh fruit, and you have a great lunch to bring with you.

Pack Some High Protein Snacks

While you might not be able to eat three healthy meals a day without a microwave and refrigerator, you can at least fill up between meals with some high-protein snacks. Many high-protein snacks do not have to be refrigerated and can make healthy snacks. For example, pack some protein bars and cereal bars, bags of nuts and seeds, trail mix, and beef jerky. These items can be eaten as a small meal or in between meals if you plan to eat out and have a few hours to keep your belly full.

Include Packaged Foods That Are Non-Perishable

There are also some packaged foods that you can turn into a meal that don't perish if they are left out of the refrigerator. A good option is to make a tuna sandwich. Tuns comes in cans or pouches that can be left out in room temperature. Make yourself a simple tuna sandwich by bringing along a loaf of bread and tomatoes that you can slice and add to the sandwich. Another option is to make yourself a simple peanut butter sandwich. Use all-natural peanut butter and whole wheat bread to make it a healthier meal.

If you want to keep drinks cold but you don't have an ice chest, fill up an ice bucket with ice from the hotel's ice machine, and put it in the sink. This should be good enough to keep your drinks cold for several hours, or until the ice melts.