Be Sure to Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Fishing Charter

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A fishing charter can be a great idea if you're on vacation and want to enjoy some deep sea fishing or fish in an area where you've never ventured before. It can mean not having to worry about driving the boat or navigating the waters or finding where the fish are biting. You can relax and enjoy your day on the water when you choose a fishing charter rather than simply renting a boat yourself, but you need to ensure you know what's involved and included with a fishing charter. Note a few questions to ask before you decide on such a charter.

1. Can larger fish be stuffed and mounted?

If you go deep sea fishing, you may expect to catch a swordfish or something very large that you might like to have stuffed and mounted as a trophy. Don't assume that this service is included in your charter or that it's even legal in your area. A captain of a fishing charter or the rental agency can usually guide you on your choices and note if there are taxidermy services included or outside services nearby that perform this type of work for tourists.

2. Can a person bring their own tackle on a fishing charter, or is this required?

Always ask about tackle, bait, lures, and the like before you book a fishing charter. You may very well be able to bring your own and in some cases, may be required to bring everything but poles. Some charters may provide everything you need including tackle and bait, but each charter is different in what they provide and what is included in various packages. To be on the safe side, ask about tackle and if you can bring yours if you have a favorite lure.

3. Can a charter help to find a specific fish?

If you have your heart set on catching a specific fish, ask about this before booking a charter. The captain may know where such fish usually congregate, what weather conditions and time of the year are good for catching them, and so on. However, remember that no one can guarantee that you'll catch or even find certain fish, as they will migrate and move around according to food availability, predators in the water, and so on. Discuss your preference with the captain or charter agency, but be prepared to be flexible with how your day will unfold when on the water.

For more information, contact local fishing charters companies.