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Five Tips for Preventing Condensation When You Are Shipping Something

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If you are shipping something that you want to stay dry in transport, you need to make a plan to keep condensation under control. Luckily, it may be easier than you think. Here are some shipping tips to help:

1. Choose a transport company that specialises in fragile or perishable freight.

Instead of trusting any freight company with your special package, consider looking for a transport company that specialises in shipping fragile or perishable freight. These companies have the experience and processes you need, and in most cases, the differences between working with a general transport company and a specialist one can be subtle.

For example, one company may use loading docks or garages that aren’t humidity controlled, while a another company only uses facilities that are completely temperature and humidity controlled. Ask your shipping rep lots of questions to ensure you can avoid humidity.

2. Request a climate-controlled truck.

If possible, after you find a transport company that you like, ask if the company can ship your package in a climate-controlled truck. Keep in mind that in many cases, after your package leaves your facility, it spends the most time in the transport truck.

If the truck’s trailer is exposed to the elements, it can get quite hot, and that may cause condensation to build up inside your package. Unfortunately, that can make the contents moist.

3. Add disaccents to the package.

Choosing the right transport company is essential, but you also have ensure that you pack your shipment in a way that minimises condensation. Ideally, you should add a few packets of desiccants to your box. Desiccants can be purchased from most shipping supply shops, and these small packets contain special crystals that absorb moisture.

4. Remember ventilation.

Ventilation is also key. If your shipment is well ventilated, excess moisture can leave the box, but if it’s not ventilated, the moisture will build up and potentially threaten the integrity of your shipment.

To boost ventilation, make sure that you ship in a porous container. For example, use a cardboard box rather than a plastic one. Alternatively, if you have to use a material that isn’t porous, make sure the box has small holes for ventilation.

5. Insulate your shipping box.

Finally, insulation can help protect your shipment from the temperature shifts that can lead to condensation. To insulate your box, you can invest in one that has insulation built into it. Alternatively, you can add insulation by cutting layers of foam and placing them on the bottom, sides and top of your box.

For more information, talk to a transport company.

Maximising revenue from a pub

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If you are in the market for a pub you may be looking around at existing assets to see how you could improve profitability. Here are some ways that you can make money from a pub, that you may be able to look at for the properties you are viewing. 


Obviously, the traditional role of a hotel was providing lodgings. You may be able to increase utilisation of the current rooms by better marketing (targeting business customers for weekdays and leisure customers for the weekend). If the current room utilisation rate is low you may want to look at the furnishings in each room and see whether they need an upgrade so that this pub can compete with other local accommodation options. 

Food and beverage

The next area to look at is food and beverage. You may be able to reposition the pub restaurants and cafes so that you can get a higher rate of people through the venue and higher margins. Using local seasonal produce and having regular specials and themed events can be a good way to get locals back through the restaurant. It’s often possible to bring people back into a venue with a great new menu. 

Consider also broadening your takeaway options, so that people who don’t want to cook that night have the option to grab one of your tasty meals to eat at home. Takeaway is very revenue friendly as you don’t need to provide amenities such as tables and chairs and hence can get more throughput in the restaurant. 


Many gamblers like a chance to head to the pub and have a few drinks, while placing a bet on their favourite game. If sports are already a feature at the bar, becoming an agent for a betting agency can be a good way to increase revenue. You can also try offering new gambling option, as many punters have broadened their horizons over the years and now follow international sports including ice hockey, MMA and American football. Of course localised betting and promotions such as happy hours where you toss a coin to see if you can get your drink for half price are also very popular with gamblers. 

When looking at pubs for sale it can be useful to keep an open mind about ways to increase the potential revenue of the business. By looking at a range of businesses that aren’t currently very profitable you might be able to grab a bargain. 

What to Eat with No Fridge or Microwave in the Hotel Room

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If you are staying in a hotel that does not have food accommodations like a refrigerator or microwave, it can be difficult knowing what to eat. Here are some simple ideas to provide yourself with meals and snacks that keep you from spending your traveling budget on eating out for every meal.

Freeze Food Before You Leave

For the first day of staying in the hotel, prepare ahead of time by freezing a meal or two and putting it in an ice chest. With enough ice, this should remain fresh for at least a few hours after arriving at the hotel. While you will need to plan for other options for the remainder of your stay, it does help you get started with something you have prepared a home. Sandwiches are a good option for freezing, since they can be made healthy, are easy to make, and store well when wrapped in tin foil and placed on ice. Combine the sandwich with some fresh fruit, and you have a great lunch to bring with you.

Pack Some High Protein Snacks

While you might not be able to eat three healthy meals a day without a microwave and refrigerator, you can at least fill up between meals with some high-protein snacks. Many high-protein snacks do not have to be refrigerated and can make healthy snacks. For example, pack some protein bars and cereal bars, bags of nuts and seeds, trail mix, and beef jerky. These items can be eaten as a small meal or in between meals if you plan to eat out and have a few hours to keep your belly full.

Include Packaged Foods That Are Non-Perishable

There are also some packaged foods that you can turn into a meal that don’t perish if they are left out of the refrigerator. A good option is to make a tuna sandwich. Tuns comes in cans or pouches that can be left out in room temperature. Make yourself a simple tuna sandwich by bringing along a loaf of bread and tomatoes that you can slice and add to the sandwich. Another option is to make yourself a simple peanut butter sandwich. Use all-natural peanut butter and whole wheat bread to make it a healthier meal.

If you want to keep drinks cold but you don’t have an ice chest, fill up an ice bucket with ice from the hotel’s ice machine, and put it in the sink. This should be good enough to keep your drinks cold for several hours, or until the ice melts.

Be Sure to Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Fishing Charter

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A fishing charter can be a great idea if you’re on vacation and want to enjoy some deep sea fishing or fish in an area where you’ve never ventured before. It can mean not having to worry about driving the boat or navigating the waters or finding where the fish are biting. You can relax and enjoy your day on the water when you choose a fishing charter rather than simply renting a boat yourself, but you need to ensure you know what’s involved and included with a fishing charter. Note a few questions to ask before you decide on such a charter.

1. Can larger fish be stuffed and mounted?

If you go deep sea fishing, you may expect to catch a swordfish or something very large that you might like to have stuffed and mounted as a trophy. Don’t assume that this service is included in your charter or that it’s even legal in your area. A captain of a fishing charter or the rental agency can usually guide you on your choices and note if there are taxidermy services included or outside services nearby that perform this type of work for tourists.

2. Can a person bring their own tackle on a fishing charter, or is this required?

Always ask about tackle, bait, lures, and the like before you book a fishing charter. You may very well be able to bring your own and in some cases, may be required to bring everything but poles. Some charters may provide everything you need including tackle and bait, but each charter is different in what they provide and what is included in various packages. To be on the safe side, ask about tackle and if you can bring yours if you have a favorite lure.

3. Can a charter help to find a specific fish?

If you have your heart set on catching a specific fish, ask about this before booking a charter. The captain may know where such fish usually congregate, what weather conditions and time of the year are good for catching them, and so on. However, remember that no one can guarantee that you’ll catch or even find certain fish, as they will migrate and move around according to food availability, predators in the water, and so on. Discuss your preference with the captain or charter agency, but be prepared to be flexible with how your day will unfold when on the water.

For more information, contact local fishing charters companies. 

All Aboard the Party Bus: Learn More About What They Are

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Party buses have gained popularity in recent years and are increasingly used for a multitude of occasions; the most popular being stag/hen parties and special birthday celebrations. By definition, a party bus is exactly that; a bus on which you host a celebration. The purpose of the hire will dictate the facilities that are included in the party bus. Hiring a party bus is straightforward and allows for you to create a unique experience specific to your needs and celebration.

In most cities, hiring a party bus requires a a simple phone call, and many companies now promote their businesses on social media, which provides lots of photographs and reviews of the service. Services range from on board sound systems to flashing lights inside and out, and some now offer MP3 or USB connection for a more personal music playlist.     

Some party bus companies are national and provide services country wide and offer on-line inquiry forms to send in your specific requirements. Apart from the usual services, some companies tailor make their packages to include details such as games for hens, waitress/waiter service and even karaoke for those who want to provide their own ‘live’ entertainment. Some party bus hire companies even offer winery tours or corporate hire to make that lasting impression on clients. 

As party bus popularity gains momentum, there are even more sophisticated facilities on board newer vehicles. Some buses have state of the art sound systems with massive sub-woofers to create that party atmosphere. Some even go so far as having a stripper pole on board for those who want to try out pole dancing skills. The possibilities seem endless and bus requirements can be bespoke to your specific party needs. 

Almost all companies around the country offer party buses for smaller, more intimate parties as well as the capacity to host larger celebrations. Prices vary and obviously depend on the facilities you require and the amount of people involved. The best way to ensure your party bus experience is memorable and suits your purpose is to complete the online enquiry forms stating your needs, or ring companies in your area and compare prices and facilities.

However you get in touch, the companies are there to provide you with the best service possible. Importantly, ensure that the party bus you hire is driven by somebody with an appropriate licence and insurance. Most of all, take the time to ensure you include all the elements that will make your party fun and unique for you and your guests.

Learn more about your options by contacting companies like Good az Gold Tours and Transfers.